Beautiful dinnerware enhances your meals, it also sets the mood for your home dining experiences as well as expressing your style. Understanding and grasping the differences between the different types of dinnerware, from formal settings for elegant dinner parties to the day-to-day pieces for everyday use, is the key to selecting a set that feels at home in your home.

Before you start wondering about patterns and colours, focusing your attention on what material you really like would be a helpful start. Bone china, porcelain, and stoneware are the most common dinnerware materials.

These types of dinnerware have their benefits that can assist in making your selection:
  • Fine china is a durable, lightweight and an elegant alternative for both everyday and special occasion dinnerware because it is chip resistant. It’s the strongest range of china, and it’s typically microwave and dishwasher-safe. Showcase your lavish spread with our St James dinnerware sets.
  • Porcelain is a versatile material that has a non-porous surface and incredible durability resulting from high firing temperatures. Porcelain pieces are typically dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe. Some porcelain dinnerware pieces contain metallic accents, so be aware as this makes these a microwave no-go. Enjoy a tea time soiree with our Jenna Clifford collection.
  • Stoneware dinnerware sets have a special finishing glaze that gives a smooth look to the material and an impermeable finish, making it ideal for everyday use and family-friendly. If you opt for Stoneware, be careful not to expose it to high heat or freezing temperatures. Also, bear in mind that pieces with hand-painted designs may require hand washing. Spoil yourself with our GuyDeGrenne Lohan Grey collection.

Adding your personal touch into your dinnerware set is simple. They come in a wide range of designs ranging from casual to stylish. Choosing a dinnerware set with a nice border or rim detail will add colour and persona while still showcasing the meal itself. For the more informal dinner plates, why not make a splash with the colours and patterns that attract you.

Things to take into consideration when purchasing the perfect dinner set:

  • Get the right size dishes for your cupboards, shelves, and dishwasher. You may love the look of those elaborate, beautiful plates, but you won’t love them so much when you can’t close your cabinet doors! Consider your space and storage restrictions before buying anything.
    • White is classic, and bone china or porcelain will never let you down. You can never go wrong with white dishes. They’re beautiful, classic, and versatile. They make a great base set, and you can always accent with colourful bowls or mugs.
    • Buy enough pieces to host a dinner party. There may only be one or two people in your household right now, but it’s wise to plan ahead for bigger families, parties, and gatherings. You’ll be so glad you did!
    • Buy one set for both everyday and formal dining. You don’t need to buy two sets of dishes. Invest in one nice set, and then dress it up or down with linens and extra serving pieces. You’ll save space and money!
    • It’s worth it to spend money on great dishes. If you plan to live with these dishes for years to come, don’t skimp on quality. Spend a little more to get exactly what you want, even if it takes you longer to get a complete set.

    Our products have been hand-picked to be a part of your day, every day, whether you’re just starting, just married, or just love to entertain. Our dinnerware sets can be dressed up or down. They can mix, match and layer shapes, whites and colours. The time you take to choose your dinnerware wisely will result in a lifelong love affair. Live your life Lavish'd.

    Shop our dinnerware range and create the ambience for any occasion, from casual solo meals to fancy dinner dates.