Jenna Clifford a legend of the South African design landscape 
Striving to make style accessible, Jenna is passionate about bringing beauty to all South African tables with her unique ranges and signature quality at affordable prices.

From first concept to the final product you see, Jenna Clifford & Lavish’d partner in the design and manufacturing process to make magic happen when we create iconic tableware for you.

Jenna Clifford - Tea Sets (5)

JENNA CLIFFORD - Wavy Rose Tea Set of 4

R 1,399

JENNA CLIFFORD - Italian Rose Tea Set of 4

R 1,599

JENNA CLIFFORD - Midnight Bloom Tea Set

R 1,499

JENNA CLIFFORD - Premium Porcelain Tea Set of 4

R 1,199

JENNA CLIFFORD - Milk & Honey Tea Set of 4

R 1,599