Ever wished you had a super chic cousin you could turn to for home redecorating or tableware style advice? The one born with extraordinary taste and an eye for premium quality pieces at great value.

If you have such a cousin, wonderful! However, no one said that you can’t have more... If you don’t, consider Lavish’d! Lavish’d is the one you can call on to help with the most unique items and the best deals that’ll perfectly fit you, your needs, and your taste.

It’s the one place where exceptional craftmanship meets sustainable innovation! Born in 2020, as part of the already-existing 40-year old Inter Table Top Company (Pty) Ltd, Lavish’d wants to connect directly with our consumers, and offers premium tableware solutions for modern living.

Our Driving Force

“We have a passion for quality (s'trues Bob, we won’t be selling you stuff that we won’t consider buying), sustainability (our products don’t only look good, but do good to our planet) & customer satisfaction (‘cos all of Lavish’d, is all about you!).”

We live by dedication to creating exquisite dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, cookware, bakeware… to be honest, all-ware, to elevate your dining experience. The secret? Using only the finest materials and latest manufacturing techniques which ensures our products carry lasting legacy in durability and style. Unquestionably, we can offer you truly unique and exclusive ranges through innovation and staying ahead of the latest trends.

We’re Here for You

It can be intimidating, investing in exemplary homeware, we know. But, we’re here to simplify things for you with helpful tips and advice in a friendly, human way. We’re designing just for you and selling directly to you because we know what you want and can afford.

…You love a good luxury item as much as you love a sale or a bargain because let’s call a spoon a spoon - you don’t need a massive budget to have a beautiful home! Feel free to browse our online shop displaying the finest brands of local and international origin. Many of them can show off a range of awards and are long-established, trusted and loved overseas.

Our Mastery Speaks for Itself…

Even our green approach is unparalleled - waste is distasteful and we take pride in reducing it at every stage of the production process, using recycled water and recycling wasted clay and energy back into our operations, and yet we still manage to get unsurpassed masterpieces!

Our factories, which we’d like to think of as our true power houses, have transformed significantly to minimise energy consumption and lessen our carbon footprint. Therefore, we stand proud as catalysts in sustainable manufacturing processes.

Overall, we have the know-how. We’ve been there, done that and got the mug. You can trust us; get to know us. Let’s make style affordable, accessible, and fun - the way it should  be!