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There is something fun about our Olivia collection. With each product hand-painted this is truly something special.

OLIVIA - Artist Lady Mug

R 145

OLIVIA - Treasure Friendships Mug

R 145

OLIVIA - Treasure Friendships Pitcher

R 280

OLIVIA - Artist Lady Vase

R 479

OLIVIA - Live Your Dreams Mug

R 145

OLIVIA - You And Me Mug

R 145

OLIVIA - Artist Lady Teapot

R 449

OLIVIA - Treasure Friendships Plate

R 159
Hand-painted Functional Art

I love painting my clients special things – this is my talent, a ministry, a passion; and a wonderful business. My goal is not to be famous before I leave this earth, but to touch a soul by every eye laid on a piece of my art.