JAN - Champagne Glass Set of 4 in Gift Box (7454945804535)
JAN - Champagne Glass Set of 4 in Gift Box (7454945804535)
  • SKU: JH-000033

JAN - Champagne Glass Set of 4 in Gift Box

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About This Product

Choosing the right glassware is like choosing a diamond. Everything matters, from the curve of the glass to the clarity and colour. Great glassware sets the tone of a gathering, and can compliment everything else on the table, making the whole experience shine. These beautiful crystal glasses met all my expectations, and would be just as comfortable on the tables at JAN as they are in my home.

This champagne flute is well suited to drinking bubbles thanks to its length and shape, aimed at retaining a sparkling wine’s fizz as the bubbles have a smaller exit area. The bubbles then also congregate and quickly rise to the top of the glass, releasing flavour and aroma.

Product Information

L 5cm x W 7.5cm x H 26cm



  • Lead Free
  • Crystal glass
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Fine Cut Rim
  • Break Resistance
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Safe